It was a constant source of amusement and derision; whenever my wife and I would be physically assaulted by some giddy lady with a baby stroller.  We would take the piss to no end about how rude and dangerous they were – bashing their pram through a horde of shoppers, with a sense of priority and abandon that makes a steamroller seem like a Prius.  And now, just months later, I realize they are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT to barge through like they do.  It turns out that approximately zero cares are given if you have a tiny baby buckled up into an unwieldy device that is overfilled with nappies, blankets, toys and other paraphernalia.  You have an infant on a razor edge between drifting off to sleep and crying like a banshee in a cart that could tear ankle ligaments if rammed with enough force.  AND YET NOBODY GETS OUT OF YOUR WAY!?   Nobody lets you go first if you have a stroller, nobody cares if they stop dead in their tracks in front of you (despite your potential kinetic mass having built up to that of a wrecking ball), and not even a single soul will let you get anywhere near a stocked item or display you would like to look at by making room for your stroller as well (because it’s just not safe to leave your stroller unattended at the front of a store!).

So next time a parent nearly knee-caps you with a pram/stroller/baby-cart you know why!