So along with watching half of Season 4 of Walking Dead (still not as good as Season 3 but improving!) I also watched the first four eps of True Detective.  Man, what a show!  I’m not even really that invested in the actual case, I’m buying into it based on Messrs Harrelson and McConaughey.  Could watch these buggers bitch and moan at one another until the cows come home.  Can’t say much more without spoiling it, but damn, what a joy to watch.  Also saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier this week.  I know I’m pretty alone in this perspective, but I found it NOT to be the best Marvel film to date.  True, it was a good film and I feel it took some interesting angles particularly production-wise, but it was not the “celebration” of super-heroics that Avengers was.  This was ALMOST trying to stay as far away from super-heroics as possible.  If it wasn’t for cap’s super-strength, this would really just be another war-vet action film with a cold-war bend.  I’d give it 3 & 1/2 Stars.  3D was top notch in this one though.  Definitely worth the cost of admission.