This is a couple of years coming… for those familiar with my DeviantArt page or my Tumblr you’ll know I’ve been honing my craft for the past couple of years.  This culminated with the “Public Menace” strips of 2013, which, whilst being an artistic outlet, were more importantly a major stress release for one of the most frustrating periods of my life.  Anyway, it worked and despite not needing to vent about an unhealthy workplace anymore, I want to take what I’ve learnt from The Public Menace and tell a story I’ve been dwelling on for almost 18 months now.

What is this story about?  Well, it’s called “Bastard”, and whilst I don’t wish to spoil anything; if you like Firefly, Star Wars, Spaghetti Westerns and 80’s anime, then you’re in for a treat.

How’s it work?  This is a labour of love.  I’ve scripted, pencilled, inked and coloured ten pages to date but I won’t go on unless there is interest in the work.  You can convey your interest via two methods;

1) Comment on the site.  Go for it.  Just keep it decent is all I ask.  Feel free to pay out on me as much as you’d like, but please don’t attack other visitors.

2) Very shortly I hope to have a donation button on display and advertising.  If you, like me, can’t afford to spare a dime at the moment, please feel free to click on any of the advertisers shown.  It all adds up and I thank you for it.

Alright people, going to get back to formatting page 1 of “Bastard” and getting it up here ASAP.