This week sees @antoniosanciolo try and catch @larrykingundead off guard with a preamble on WW2 weapons that detours into a discussion on Gun Reform in America.  The Ant King Frequency would like to reassure all listeners that we do not support or endorse any acts of terror in any part of the world.  The Ant King Frequency is made up of two very different people from two very different parts of the world that have made a conscious decision to embrace their different respective views and outlooks.  This podcast makes no attempt to blame gun-owners for any acts of malice nor does it vilify gun-reform lobbyists for attempting to right some of the many wrongs in this world.  The only sure thing to come out of this issue is that the matter has complexities that people from a non-firearm-prolific country may not be able to fully appreciate.

APOLOGIES if this episode quality is not of the same level as the others.  This is such an extra long episode that we’ve encoded it in mono instead of stereo and downsampled the quality a little.  It’s saving you, the listener, about 120mb of downloading that way.

See below the following images from the back pages of the Lee/Kirby book “Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandos”.  The art and characters depicted are the property of Marvel Comics.




This is the gun reform ad @antoniosanciolo was talking about.

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