Bane Vs The Mandarin

So welcome to the very first episode of the Ant King Frequency.  A podcast where a man in Melbourne, Australia asks a man in North Carolina, USA a different question each week and it just goes downhill from there…

We might discuss comics, movies, movies, videogames, news, current affairs, ANYTHING REALLY, but at the end of the day we are two outsiders trying to make each other laugh.
Hope you enjoy it.

We challenged each other to portray the battle of Bane VS The Mandarin in our own ways.  See the end results below:

Bane Vs Mandarin by @Larrykingundead
Trilogy Troubles

Bane Vs Mandarin by @Antonio Sanciolo

Feel free to send us your own depictions of the battle and we can showcase them on the site!
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