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About White Tiger Grafiks

White Tiger Grafiks is the pen name for me, Antonio Sanciolo.  I wear many hats, so despite who I have to be on any day, I can always be White Tiger Grafiks when I get home and fire up my computer and tablet.  I’m a 30-something human male with a family that includes a cat that thinks it’s a dog and dog that is equally misinformed.


But WTG, why make your own website when you already have a growing Tumblr and DeviantArt following?
This is pretty straightforward.  Above and beyond anything else; both Tumblr and DA have been terrific for a weekend warrior like me but they just can’t offer a suitable format for reading serialised comic book material that isn’t clunky and/or spoiler-iffic (as you thumb forwards and backward through posts to find where you are up to).  Secondly I want to be able to customize and tweak things a little more than typically encourage on DA and Tumblr.  Thirdly, I’d like to finally earn a little coin for this work, at very least break even on what the domain and hosting costs me, if not for the actual art being created.  This is an extremely naive expectation but fingers crossed I can at least buy a quarter pounder with this website’s help.


So you’re plugging this PARENTAL GUIDANCE idea to death; what if it doesn’t lift my skirt?
Ah, well I’d invite you to check out my foray into digital comics, THE PUBLIC MENACE, via the link above.  If you feel at least a little bit irritated at the general public then it’s done its job.  Also have a look at the numerous other works submitted to the OTHER WORKS section of the site.  And even then, if there’s nothing that floats your boat, why not put your money where your mouth is and commission me to create something you’d like?!  If you have the testicular fortitude to do so, visit the COMMISSIONS link above!