What’s going on here?  Long story short, I’ve taken to asking my 3 year old son what he imagines when I play him music in the car.  It’s fun and gives me a new take on some things I’ve listened to death and better still we bond over one of my favourite subjects.  I was explaining it to my sister who said these descriptions might make good comic fodder, so HERE WE ARE, the return of the Parental Guidance Comic.

FYI in case you aren’t familiar with it, the song my son thinks sounds like a tiger has eaten a radio and laser whilst missing his mummy is this one:


So, some of you may be asking, where have I been all this time.  You were going strong releasing this comic every week or so, you also started up a podcast and had a second child.  Well, readers, the answer is right there; turns out having two kids 18 months apart is f!@#ing exhausting and what little energy I had remaining went happily and openly to the podcast (check out The Ant King Frequency if you haven’t already done so).  Parental Guidance may only take about an hour of my day to draw but finding the creativity to come up with new stuff was extremely draining.  On top of that, as I’m consistently exposed to the trials and tribulations of other parenting lifestyles via social networking, I’ve been oppressively aware that there’s very little I could joke about that hasn’t already been done to death in a million other mediums.  My sister’s idea to capitalise on my son’s imagination may help me combat that notion moving forward.  We shall see.