The Nino Sanciolo Prize is an initiative launched in 1993 by the Sanciolo Family in memory of
Nino Sanciolo - journalist, novelist, poet, artist and promoter of the arts.
The aim of the Prize is to advance the appreciation of Italian Language, Culture and the Arts.


Typically the Prize comprises:

  • 1 Return Ticket to Italy
  • A  free 4 weeks course of study as organized by the Nino Sanciolo Prize executive.
  • A cash amount


The Prize is offered in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture and the Fondazione Vaccari.
The theme of the Prize changes from year to year to include the study of the Italian Language, Poetry, Visual arts, Photography, Music and Opera.

Applications by students of any ethnicity, nationality and gender are welcomed.
Applicants must be of at least 18 years of age.
Applicants must be residents of Australia.
The Prize winner must agree to undertake a month long study program in Italy in the Art field in focus (please refer to Applications Guidelines).

The Prize is valid for a period of 12 months after which time the Prize is withdrawn unless previously discussed with the Prize Coordinator.


Who sits on the Prize selection committee?
The panel is chaired by the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute – Melbourne, and comprises four (4) other members: three representatives from the arts world and a representative of the Sanciolo family. In some cases, a Prize benefactor may be invited to sit on the selection committee.

What if I am a finalist but am unable to attend the award ceremony?
Finalists are required to notify the Italian Cultural Institute in advance if they are unable to attend the Award ceremony. In the event that the winner is not in attendance the award will be accepted on their behalf by the Director of the Italian Institute of Culture.

If I win, am I responsible for booking my own flights?
No. Once the prize is awarded and dates for the study program have been agreed to, the Nino Sanciolo Scholarship will make the required international travel arrangements in consultation with the winner.

Is accommodation in  Italy part of the Prize?
Accommodation is not part of the Prize. Should you require assistance regarding accommodation during your study period in Italy, the Nino Sanciolo Scholarship, in collaboration with Echoes Events Pty Ltd will be able to assist you by identifying and booking for you  suitable accommodation at discounted prices.

Can I undertake additional travel before or after the period of the Prize?
You can undertake additional travel before or after the period of the Prize; however, you are required to undertake the study period in Italy at the times indicated. The Nino Sanciolo Fund takes no responsibility for any additional travel arrangements or expenses.

Why do I have to provide a report within 6 months of completion of the Prize?
The report allows the Nino Sanciolo Fund to evaluate the extent to which the Prize has added value to the professional and artistic experience of the winner. The Report can take the form of a written document, an exhibition, a concert or performance or a personal presentation. The type of report will be agreed to at the time of the assignation of the Prize.


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